Say goodbye to your double chin!

Bothered by your double chin? Want a more defined jawline? Kybella treatments can be your answer! Few treatments of Kybella can help destroy fat cells in your double chin permanently leaving you feeling contoured and chiseled. Now is the perfect time to get summer ready because you can hide post procedure swelling with a scarf or turtle neck. Have a brilliant distinctions account through Allergan? You can use and gain points by using Kybella. Don't schedule too late! Give us a call at 708-394-SKIN (7546) to set up a complimentary consultation.

Hanan Youssef Western Springs Location

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Laser Hair Removal Season!

Let us take care of your unwanted hair! Our skilled Aestheticians are being raved about! We use the latest technology in Laser Hair Removal, be hair free after only 6 treatments! Book your Free consultation 24/7 on-line or call us at 708-394-SKIN (7546)!