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The revolutionary LPG® endermologie® system stimulates collagen formation and fat release processes, so cellulite and fatty deposits smooth out naturally. At Skinovatio Medical Spa, located in the Lincoln Park, Western Springs, Arlington Heights, and Rush & Division neighborhoods of Chicago, you can get skin-smoothing endermologie treatments right in the office. Start your path to a firmer, slimmer you by booking your endermologie consultation today. Click on the online scheduler or call either location directly.

Endermologie Q & A

What is endermologie cellulite reduction?

LPG endermologie cellulite reduction is an effective and painless treatment that involves stimulating fat release from targeted areas through a patented roller and suction mechanical massage system. During your endermologie session, you wear a specialized body stocking, and your dedicated practitioner moves the handheld massaging device over your desired area.

This mechanical massage treatment targets fat cells and forces them to release their inner components. Your lymphatic system absorbs the fat particles over time, while skin cells start working hard to generate new collagen and elastin. When your endermologie treatment package is over, you have physically tighter, firmer skin, and a dramatic reduction in cellulite.

Which areas can endermologie treat?

Cellulite can develop anywhere on your body, particularly on your thighs and hips (especially in women). Some of the top-requested LPG endermologie treatment areas include:

  • Upper arms
  • Lower back
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips

Plus, because endermologie promotes natural collagen and elastin production, you can even get treatments on your face and neck.

When you come into New Look Laser Medical for your LPG endermologie consultation, talk with your dedicated practitioner about any other problem areas you may have. They can let you know if endermologie is right for those areas, too.

How many endermologie treatments do I need?

With each LPG endermologie treatment you have at New Look Laser Medical, you're going to start noticing an improvement with each passing day. For optimal results, the team of aesthetic experts generally recommend weekly treatments for at least 10-14 weeks.

Endermologie treatments aren’t long, usually lasting about 35-45 minutes, and require no downtime, so you can easily schedule your visits during your busy schedule.

Once you achieve your optimal results, to continue staying one step ahead of cellulite and to keep regenerating new connective tissues, follow-up treatments are highly recommended. Plan on booking ongoing endermologie sessions at New Look Laser Medical about every other month, or as needed.

Find out how endermologie treatments at New Look Laser Medical can smooth out your skin by booking a consultation. Schedule either online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.