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Because of the groundbreaking technology behind iLipo by Energist™, you can sculpt and contour your body, without going through pain or surgery. The dedicated team of aesthetic specialists at Skinovatio Medical Spa offer iLipo treatments in their Lincoln Park, Western Springs, Arlington Heights, Barrington, and Rush & Division clinic locations in Chicago. Find out if iLipo is right for you by booking a consultation online or over the phone with your most convenient office.

I Lipo Q & A

How does iLipo work?

As a noninvasive alternative to traditional liposuction surgery, iLipo is an innovative way to melt away unwanted body fat. The iLipo system involves exposing your treatment areas to low-level lasers to trigger a photobiomodulation effect. This process stimulates adipose (fat) tissue functions by releasing a lipase enzyme, which forces fat cells to release their stored content.

As fat cells release built-up triglycerides, they transform into free fatty acids and glycerol. These are very small compounds that are easily metabolized by your body for energy. Over time, your treated areas become more contoured and defined as fat cells gradually dissolve.

What happens during an iLipo session?

During your iLipo session at New Look Laser Medical, you simply lie back as your dedicated body sculpting specialist applies the laser pads to your treatment areas. They’re held in place by an adjustable belt.

As the iLipo laser works to release fat, you may feel a gentle warming sensation, but at no time should you be in pain or discomfort during this noninvasive liposuction procedure. The laser pads need to stay in place for 10 minutes per treatment area.

By the end of your session, you’re going to have lots of smaller fat molecules floating through your body that need to be burned off. This is why it’s important to exercise immediately after your session by getting on a stationary bike or going for a brisk walk for several minutes.

Because there is no downtime with iLipo, you can return to all of your normal activities — including work — right afterward.

When will I have results with iLipo?

Getting the body of your dreams and resolving any of those stubborn fatty areas involves undergoing a series of iLipo sessions at New Look Laser Medical. After your very first iLipo session, you can experience up to a 30% reduction in fat in the targeted area.

You can achieve even more fat loss after completing a series of treatments. Usually, the body contouring team at New Look Laser Medical recommend packages of eight treatments, which should be conducted over a four-week period. By the end of your iLipo treatment package, you can lose at least one or two pants or dress sizes.

Learn more about the award-winning iLipo noninvasive body contouring system at New Look Laser Medical by booking a consultation online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.