Non-invasive Face Lift

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You don’t need an invasive surgical procedure to reverse the effects of aging. At Skinovatio Medical Spa, located in the Lincoln Park, Western Springs, Arlington Heights, Barrington, and Rush & Division neighborhoods of Chicago, you can get a noninvasive facelift with polydioxanone (PDO) threads. Start your path to younger-looking skin by booking a noninvasive facelift consultation today. You can conveniently schedule online or over the phone with either clinic.

Non-invasive Face Lift

Why do I need a noninvasive facelift?

A noninvasive facelift can serve as an alternative to a traditional surgical facelift procedure if you want to avoid surgery, or it can help keep your skin looking youthful if you’ve previously had a facelift. This minimally invasive in-office treatment might be right for you if you have:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging or sunken cheeks
  • Mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Drooping brows or upper lids

A noninvasive facelift can even help redefine your chin and jawline (jowls), leaving you with a more contoured appearance.

What is a noninvasive facelift?

The aesthetic experts at New Look Laser Medical specialize in innovative polydioxanone (PDO) lifting threads treatments. During your PDO thread lift procedure, your practitioner places the specialized sutures into your targeted area, which suspends your skin and forces it to stay in a lifted position.

While PDO threads instantly lift your face and make you appear more youthful, they simultaneously stimulate a healing process. Your body begins turning over cells and building new tissues and collagen.

PDO threads stay in place for about four to six months until they start dissolving. But because they’re leaving new skin-firming collagen behind, your noninvasive facelift effects can last for up to a year — sometimes even longer.

How long is the recovery time after a noninvasive facelift?

You’re probably going to experience some mild to moderate redness, swelling, and inflammation after your noninvasive facelift. These minor side effects typically resolve within a few days. Your results from your treatment are immediate after that point.

Plus, because your skin cells are working hard to create new tissues from the deepest layers, your skin continues to firm and tighten up with each passing day.

Your skin care practitioner at New Look Laser Medical also counsels you on steps you can take at home — such as avoiding rubbing your face vigorously for at least a week — to ensure your skin heals as quickly as possible.

Find out how a noninvasive facelift can benefit you by booking a consultation at New Look Laser Medical. Click on the online scheduler or call either location to speak with a specialist.

Individual results may vary.