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Skinovatio Medical Spa Franchise in Chicago, IL

Skinovatio Medical Spa is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic services, consistently delivering cutting-edge treatments to our valued clients. With multiple existing locations and a vision to expand nationwide, we are committed to bringing our exceptional services closer to you.

At each of our med spas, you will find a team of highly skilled medical practitioners and aesthetic specialists who are dedicated to providing the highest quality care. Our professionals undergo extensive training to ensure they stay at the forefront of the industry, equipped with the latest techniques and expertise.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of sought-after skin and body treatments that cater to your unique needs.

Skinovatio Medical Spa Clinic in Chicago, IL

To discover the full range of services provided at our med spa locations, we invite you to explore the diverse and transformative experiences we offer. Join us and experience the exceptional care, expertise, and results that make Skinovatio Medical Spa the premier destination for aesthetic services.

Our comprehensive range of services addresses various facial concerns, including acne and acne scars, wrinkles, loss of volume, age spots, discoloration, rosacea and more. With our expertise in injectables, such as BOTOX and dermal fillers, along with advanced treatments like KYBELLA, non-invasive facelifts, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and more, we strive to deliver outstanding results.

In addition to our facial treatments, we offer a wide array of cosmetic services for the body. Skinovatio locations provide cutting-edge options such as laser hair removal, Endermologie, i-Lipo, VelaShape, Emsculpt, and more. 

At Skinovatio, we are committed to providing outstanding cosmetic services that help our clients look and feel their best. 

Welcoming You to the Skinovatio Family

Established in 2015, Skinovatio Medical Spa has emerged as a premier destination for beauty and wellness, offering cutting-edge aesthetic services. With several conveniently located branches, we prioritize accessibility for our valued clientele. Our esteemed team comprises highly skilled medical practitioners and aesthetic specialists who employ groundbreaking technologies and exclusive therapies to elevate our clients’ inherent beauty. At our med spas, the services we provide are swift, virtually painless, and predominantly non-invasive or minimally invasive. Our procedures typically involve minimal downtime, allowing our clients to resume their routines without delay. By delivering the most effective solutions in the industry, we assist our clients in reversing the signs of aging. Renowned for our exceptional customer service, we take pride in building personal connections with each individual. We customize affordable beauty, skincare, and body treatment packages to cater to our clients’ unique needs and desired outcomes. We warmly invite you to join our esteemed  medical spa franchise.

Our Franchise Process

If you’re considering the opportunity to establish your own medical spa facility across the country, you’ve come to the right place. The medical spa industry is currently experiencing unparalleled growth and remarkable profitability. Whether you wish to transform your existing spa into a medical facility or start fresh with a new location, the Skinovatio team is here to offer comprehensive support and training. Discover the exceptional benefits we provide to our franchisees:

  • Training – Our comprehensive training program will walk you through our entire process and all aspects of our business. We equip you with the essential skills needed for a thriving franchise. Our training program is meticulous, emphasizing honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We value the partnerships we build with our franchisees, recognizing that they form the bedrock of our success.
  • Coaching – As a Skinovatio franchisee, you’ll be paired with a seasoned mentor who will guide and train you. Our mentors are experienced professionals dedicated to setting you up for success and teaching you how to achieve annual revenues of $1 million or more.
  • Compensation – We offer an unparalleled compensation plan that enables our franchisees to progress in rank until they earn 90% of all personal volume. This unique approach ensures that your hard work and dedication are rewarded accordingly.

Seize the Lucrative Opportunity at Hand

When you join Skinovatio, we’re dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your journey. We offer comprehensive assistance with crucial aspects of your new medical spa franchise, encompassing location selection, inventory management, real estate considerations, building square footage, lease details, staff recruitment, facility requirements, competition analysis, growth strategies, expansion opportunities, as well as ongoing support and training. At Skinovatio, we seek driven and astute investors who aspire to make a positive impact on others. 

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about becoming a Skinovatio franchise owner. Contact us or email us at : today to learn more or get started.

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