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Experience Transformation with Medical Weight Loss at Skinovatio Medical Spa!

At Skinovatio Medical Spa, we are committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. That’s why we are proud to introduce our Medical Weight Loss program, designed to provide you with a personalized and effective path to a healthier, happier you.

Our Medical Weight Loss program is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s tailored to your unique needs and goals. Mariah Miyat, DNP, MSN, RNFA, leads both our medical weight loss program and our wellness initiatives. Mariah Miyat is a highly accomplished Doctorally prepared Family Nurse Practitioner with a strong background in functional medicine. Her expertise includes hormone replacement therapy and neurotoxin administration, as well as a specialization in intra-operative nursing with the completion of an AORN-accredited Registered Nurse First Assisting (RNFA) program. Mariah has excelled in various clinical roles, from conducting patient consultations and administering weight loss therapy to performing hormone replacement therapy and liposuction procedures. Her dedication to evidence-based interventions, impeccable communication skills, and commitment to patient care make her a valuable addition to any healthcare team, particularly in the realm of wellness.

Medical weight loss treatment at Skinovatio Medical Spa in Chicago, IL

Skinovatio Medical Spa is proud to introduce an innovative approach to weight loss through the availability of Semaglutide and Tirzepatide injections. These cutting-edge treatments are designed to provide our clients with effective and sustainable solutions for achieving their weight loss goals. Administered under the supervision of our experienced medical professionals, these injections have demonstrated remarkable results in helping individuals shed unwanted pounds. Semaglutide and  Tirzepatide are at the forefront of medical weight loss advancements, working to curb appetite, boost metabolism, and facilitate healthier eating habits. At Skinovatio, we are committed to offering the latest in medical aesthetics and wellness, ensuring that you have access to safe, proven, and personalized methods for transforming your life. If you’re ready to take a significant step towards a healthier and happier you, contact us to learn more about how Semaglutide and  Tirzepatide injections can be a part of your weight loss journey.

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